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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” –Helen Keller.

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Joyce Thomas was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is the second born of four loving siblings and the mother of one amazing child.


Joyce grew up attending the Baptist church.  Her family attended church on Sundays, Bible Study on Wednesday and choir practice on Thursday.  Because her mother was an active member of a missionary group, they even had to attend church on Mondays.  This very active religious lifestyle made Joyce often wonder if there was anything else to do. 


Joyce’s mother was a loving but stern disciplinarian.  Her disciplinarian method worked for Joyce’s siblings, but was less effective on Joyce who was more determined, precocious and rebellious from an early age. 


Family time was a treasured memory for Joyce and her siblings. Their father loved telling stories to the family and would often say “As the little boy would say…”.  Joyce never understood why he always referenced the little boy.  But the siblings later learned what the “little boy” reference meant. As the dad of all girls, the only “little boy” they had in their house was the little boy in their dad’s head.  Hence, the “little boy” was him.


In Joyce’s early 20s she began to have trouble with her eyes.  The doctors corrected the issue and she was able to continue living her best life.  Joyce enjoyed a rewarding career in various roles in Information Technology.  By the spring of 2017, her vision had progressively worsened and by 2020 Joyce suffered total loss of her sight.  This forced Joyce to stop working and she began listening to the news daily.


Determined to find other ways to fill the time in her day, she would imagine stories in her head.  At some point, the story of the little boy her dad often talked about started coming to mind.  Joyce would create and imagine so many stories, but struggled to remember them because she could not write them down herself.  Her sister decided to help her with getting the stories out of her head and onto paper.  Recognizing the value of her stories, Joyce’s sister convinced her that she should share them with the world. With some convincing, Joyce decided she no longer wanted to be a victim of her handicap but rather to use it as an inspiration for children. 


Her rebellion against losing her sight led to the birth of a new stage in her life. Joyce decided the little boy in her head deserved a home and the Life with TJ series began. 


Joyce and her family hope you enjoy each of the children's books about TJ. Thank you!

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